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This is the website of Patrick Stox, an SEO professional located in Raleigh, NC. Patrick is the Marketing Project Supervisor at TheeDesign Studio where he leads a team of SEO experts who help businesses in the Raleigh area dominate their niche. Patrick is known as a technical SEO and loves doing technical SEO audits as well as troubleshooting issues.

Patrick actively answers questions related to SEO as TheeDesign on the Moz Q&A Community and on several relevant subreddits such as /r/seo /r/ppc /r/bigseo /r/analytics and is often a Top Contributor in several SEO, digital marketing, and Raleigh groups on LinkedIn. Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn and Twitter @patrickstox.

Patrick has been doing SEO work since 2009 and is currently an assistant organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup. He is a contributing author for Search Engine Land for their All Things SEO column.

Some of Patrick's talks related to SEO

August 2015: coming soon, already recorded a podcast for Dirt Cheap Startup that is being edited.

July 2015: Local SEO For The Small Business Owner was a presentation for the Raleigh SEO Meetup Group, the most successful SEO meetup group in the world. There were some audio and video issues with the recording below as we adjust to a new venue.

May 2015: Link Reclamation Strategies For SEO was a solo presentation by Patrick explaining how to reclaim lost links and how that helps with SEO. The presentation was at the Digital Marketing For Business Conference (DMFB) in Raleigh, NC.

May 2015: Video SEO Panel was a panel discussion related to video SEO at the Digital Marketing For Business Conference (DMFB) in Raleigh, NC.

March 2015: Why Your Landing Pages Suck was a presentation for the Raleigh-Durham Web Design Group.

January 2015: SEO Marketing Strategies – Inside a Digital Agency with Patrick Stox was a podcast interview by Dave Goodwin of The Growing Entrepreneur. This podcast was also republished by Small Biz Club.

Some of Patrick's writings related to SEO

July 2015: Planting The Seeds For An Evergreen Content Strategy

May 2015: Take Back Your Lost Links

April 2015: Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Coming April 21st, 2015

January 2015: What is the Google Penguin Algorithm?

January 2015: Blocking Spam Referral Traffic from Google Analytics

December 2014: Leveraging Google Adwords to Convert Holiday Shoppers

October 2014: Managing a Company’s Online Reputation

August 2014: What Can Marketing Automation Do For You?

April 2014: SEO Audit: Why Design Doesn’t Bring You Traffic